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  Landscaping Gravel Driveway Resurfacing Sidewalk

Step Repair Canton, Ball Ground, Woodstock, Georgia

(770) 744-1890

Grading, Lot Clearing, Gravel Driveway Repair and Installation,Construction

 Excavation, Plowing and Tilling Gardens

I Do Whatever a Tractor can do !

Free Estimates

I am glad to offer free estimates in Cherokee and Pickens Counties (see my Contact page for details). You can also snap some pictures and email them along with details of your project to: [email protected]

Brush and Debris Removal

Yard Leveling & Re-sloping

Drainage Solutions

Grading for Playsets, Sod, etc.

Storm Damage Clean-up

Your source for light grading and landscaping work. We are experienced in both
 Residential and Commercial Landscape Grading


Provides reliable concrete repairs and resurfacing

Our specialty is Crack and Crevice

We service:

Ball Ground

Canton &

Woodstock Ga.

Zip Codes

30115, 30114, 30107 30188

We specialize in a wide range of concrete repair services for residential and commercial buildings. Our services range from fixing cracks on your driveway at home to repairing warehouse floors with our 2 part polymer system. Different concrete surfaces will require different methods of repair.

Concrete repair of the floor in a home's basement will differ significantly from that of a large warehouse or supermarket. Our expertise in concrete repair with different kinds of structures and concrete surfaces puts us in a unique position to satisfy our customers needs.

We resurface your concrete driveway or sidewalk. There are a few options as far as how long the treatment will last. This process is usually a temporary fix, but a much more affordable one.

This involves first cleaning the concrete. Then the repairs are made to the cracks using a Polyurethane Sealant. The resurfacing material is then spread using a push broom or squeegee. This is an image of my driveway after a coating of special adhesive, and Portland cement were applied. There were four cracks that went from side to side from top to bottom of the drive. This repair would have been under $500.00 and took most of the day.